If It Walks, Talks, and Looks Like a Turkey

If it Walks like a Turkey, Talks like a Turkey, and Looks like a Turkey…

Well, it’s not that Simple!

I got entangled in a controversy this past week. Is a hot dog a sandwich? This may seem like a simple straightforward question. It has bread, it has meat, so a sandwich it must be. I went to my panel of experts, my three grandsons, for the answer to this perplexing sandwichology conundrum.

My nine-year-old grandson said he believed that a hot dog was a hot dog, and it could, therefore, not be a sandwich.

My seven-year-old grandson said, “Well, it looks like a sandwich, Bubba, because sometimes I put jelly and peanut butter in a hot dog bun—but it can’t be a hot dog bun if you are not putting a hot dog in it. So, it is definitely a peanut butter and jelly bun. I really like peanut butter and jelly biscuits, too. What was the question again?” (He said all that without breathing.)

My five-year-old grandson, said, “I don’t know (pause). Bubba, can we get a hot dog?”

So let’s try the analogy approach. A sandwich has bread; a hot dog has bread. A sandwich has meat; a hot dog has meat. So does a kolache, but it’s not a sandwich, either. Some might say if a hot dog is a sandwich, then a corn dog is a lollipop. Wait a minute… I’m starting to sound like my seven-year-old grandson. So, where is all this going?

It’s ok to see the world differently! It’s ok to have an opinion! Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and you will have people at your table who see the world differently than you. Their experiences and yours are individually independent. So, what are we to do? Well, we are to be thankful. If I were to draw on my educational experience, those that my teachers at Alnwick Elementary School taught me, the first Thanksgiving was a cornucopia of diversity! We have a lot more in common than you might believe, and you don’t need six 24-hour news networks to tell you differently. So, as this wonderful time of celebration and thankfulness approaches, let’s focus on what Thanksgiving should remind us about ourselves!

KISA (Keep it Simple Always)

We all have that closet at home—the one that you can barely get the door shut because it’s so over-stuffed. Your life is the same way. Over time, we become maxed out in capacity. This leaves us stressed and unable to be productive. Streamline your life on occasion the same as you would that closet. Drop the things you are holding on to that are no longer necessary or fit who you are. Time is limited, and so are you. Simplify your priorities to a level where you shine to the brightest of your abilities.

New Visual Sight

Life is filled with blessings: the sound of children laughing and the deep feeling of satisfaction that comes with hard work. At times, we tend to only see the negative things around us. Gain a new perspective and really start picking out all the blessings we have been given. Joy surrounds us even at our darkest moments. Open your senses and receive it. Cultivate thankfulness.

Get Up Off The Couch

The smell of newly cut grass on a summer morning, the exploding blends of color all about as spring arrives, fresh fallen snow creating a storybook landscape, the rich sights and crisp feelings of autumn…. During any season, no matter where you are, nature always leaves an open door, asking you to enter and experience her wonders. Go hiking, ride a bike, or simply walk hand-in-hand with someone. Get outside and fill your spirit and lungs with this amazing creation we call earth.

Don’t Just Cultivate the Inner Child. Be The Child.

One thing children are very good at is finding ways to have fun. They can take a simple cardboard box and turn it into Disney World. You still have that same ability inside you. It just got stuffed way down inside after too many boardroom meetings and mortgage payments. Unleash the child. Get in there and mix it up with your kids. Make funny noises. Laugh at ridiculous things. Smile so big your cheeks hurt.

Be Joyful

Passion equals joy. Always! Find your passion. Anything that will make you come alive and stirs your mind into full activation, joy will always follow. Skip paying the bills on a Saturday morning, and instead, grab a picnic, and go sneak off somewhere. You get the picture.

Don’t Worry Be Happy

Worries can be awfully heavy. This new century certainly has no shortage of them. Without warning, they can begin to drag you down as they accumulate. Yes, it is important to be aware of the world around you. To know the issues that are bigger than ourselves. It is equally important to balance that awareness with reality. You are not a super hero, and you do not own a cape. Do what you can do, and let it go. As your Mom used to say, “Look on the bright side of things”. Optimism is essential to happiness.

Get off Social Media and Be Social

We are social creatures. It might seem impossible in this day and age, but some people can feel isolated and alone. There is no need to feel that way. Social opportunities are everywhere. To express who you are as a person. People are ready to love you if you give them the chance. Make time for your friends on a regular basis and connect with them openly. Life is meant to be shared.

Cry and the World Cries with You. Let’s try Laughter for a Change.

The world is not out to get you. It only seems that way sometimes. The car broke down on the interstate. You did not get the raise in pay you need. Your teenager just told you he hates you. Life happens. In order for a beautiful flower to reach full glory, it must endure a good amount of rain. When rain falls in your life, realize that it is designed to help you grow. Use those moments to strengthen your character. See them as the challenge they truly are. Soon, the rainbow will appear as the sun breaks free from the clouds.

You Had a Bad Day. Big Deal!

You were in the office for ten hours. Drove home in horrible traffic for another hour. All you want to do is crumble in a heap on the couch. That is ok from time to time. Watch a great movie and order take out. Very therapeutic, as long as it doesn’t become habit. The couch potato is rarely a happy soul. Rise up! Go throw the football outside.  Go get ice cream after dinner and then window shop. Work out. Take a walk. Get the blood flowing and the pearly whites shining.

Seek to Serve Rather Than be Served

We have a Father in Heaven who loves us, who cares for us, just as you do with your own family. He is always outside of our door knocking. Open the door. Talk to God about your life. Seek His will on direction and purpose. God desires His joy to permeate your life. Thank Him for your blessings before He gives them.

May your Thanksgiving be filled with joy. Enjoy those around you.  Oh, and pass the turkey hot dogs!

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