Beggin’ For Bacon, Or Where Did Customer Service Go Wrong?

dr ddale beggin for bacon
I don’t know what makes you smile, but, for me, it’s pictures of my grandchildren and good bacon. Ah, shoot, it’s bacon in general. It doesn’t even have to be good bacon. Bacon is like when my wife kisses me: whether it’s a peck or a long, drawn-out smack, it’s awesome! Ok, let’s get back on track!
When you are a traveler, you have to get your food on the run. I am not a reviewer or a complainer. But, on my way through Atlanta today, I had an interesting experience. Not a bad experience, but I’ll call it a pour vous plaire (there for you) experience. So, to make it real, here is my note to Wendy’s!
I’m not a whiner or a complainer. So, I’ll start my comments by telling you that I am a long-time customer and a friend of Dave’s. Mr. Thomas was an awesome guy who had a real success-from-hard-work story. I fly often, and frequent the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, Concourse B, Wendy’s a lot! I’m 70, and I love Wendy’s. Not a big salad guy, but I decided to give your cob salad a try. I usually like my vegetables after they have been run through another animal. For example, bacon. So, I grabbed my salad, a cold-brew coffee, and ran to catch my flight. Once on board. I opened my long-anticipated lunch.
Well, there was no fork. I sighed and the guy next to me (I can’t make this stuff up), was named Dave. He smiled and gave me a fork. What are the chances? Anyway, I opened my salad. The greens were good, the cheese was cheesy, the tomatoes were great. Loved the dressing. No onion straws, but I’m not a big fan anyway. But, guess what was missing…
Bacon! No bacon. I turned to Dave and said, “You got any bacon?” We both smiled. Now, I’m neither mad, nor upset; but, somewhat understanding. The young man preparing my salad was very distracted by a football story he was telling a crew member. I didn’t get a fork, bacon, onion straws, a napkin, or a thank you. But I did get a $12 salad with no bacon, fork, or yucky onion straws. Sorry, Dale.
I’m sure Dave would have said, “I’m on my way to Indianapolis baconless!”
Big deal, Dale, what’s your point? It’s fast food.
Oh, I left out the most important part. “What’s the name for your order?” You know my name is Dale. It’s a simple name, but it’s mine. I was standing at the counter when I hear, “Dolly? Dolly? Dolly?” It’s just me. “Dolly, I believe this is your salad,” he said. To this, I just smiled and said, “Well, hello Dolly.”
Now for the moral to the story!
I get it: tight job market, bodies are hard to come by, it’s fast food. But, what is really missing? Service! I don’t blame the crew member. I blame the franchise for not keeping the focus on the customer: the client! I just felt like showing off my French today, too. Maybe it’s because of what I do, but what a missed opportunity!

Here are some tips:

Tip 1: Build a relationship.

Sure, you’re doing business, but people love to interact with someone who is personal. Create a relationship with your client!

Tip 2: Go the EXTRA mile.

This is an easy one to provide great customer service! Go above and beyond to make sure your clients know that you appreciate their business! Use their name.

Tip 3: Listen to them.

When your client is concerned about something silly, give them your undivided attention. Although, the issue may seem tedious to you, it may have caused them great frustration. Hear their issues; relate to them. Simple enough. Check for simple stuff—like bacon!

Tip 4: Positive attitude.

A positive attitude goes a long way in customer service! They want to know you are excited to help them, not an inconvenience.

Tip 5: Remember why you’re in business.

Let’s face it, if there were no customers, you wouldn’t have a job. It is as simple as that. Without them, your business wouldn’t exist. Therefore, you have to keep them happy and be sure that you are providing them with good customer service at all costs.

This may sound silly to you. But, what put Wendy’s on the map?

Remember the “Where’s the beef?” No, Dave, where is the bacon (and the customer service)?!

1 thoughts on “Beggin’ For Bacon, Or Where Did Customer Service Go Wrong?

  1. JT Cocke says:

    Hope you found bacon in Indianapolis! Unfortunately, this has really become somewhat way more common since 2020/2021. When you do happen to get some really good customer service or someone that is really attentive and interactive with their customer, you notice/it stands out more than ever! A small business or anyone could really leap ahead these days if they can capitalize on it. I was thrilled the other day to have a 4 min. great conversation with the grocery store checker which was way more than the typical ‘robotic’ hello/how are you and then …have a good day, without really listening or having any interaction. Keep on rockin’ …love the story.

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