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Beggin’ For Bacon, Or Where Did Customer Service Go Wrong?

I don’t know what makes you smile, but, for me, it’s pictures of my grandchildren [...]


The Old MacDonald Project: Why EIEIO Leadership Still Works

Any of you who read my blogs from time to time know two things about [...]

Five Popcorn Balls, Two Six-Guns, and One Belly Ache

I was a child of Appalachia, which is Latin for poor kid. Halloween was a [...]

Christmas Hunting for Limb Chicken, Fur Bucks, and Whistle Pigs

Christmas, of course, brings all kinds of memories flooding to our senses. There are the [...]

The Magic Of Fire

My dad was an outdoorsman. I don’t mean he lived in Alaska and hunted bear, [...]

Don’t Pull On Superman’s Cape

Well, lots of things have changed in our world. Boy, that is an understatement. No [...]


It’s The Thought That Counts

Well, here we are in our new “reality”. After 20 years of traveling in airplanes, [...]


Firing Up Your Mind Game

What kind of wood are you using? 2020 is here, and it is my and [...]


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