Have you found ways you compromise with people who seem determined to road block the success of others, or who find themselves in a negative mood frequently?

Let me frame my response in a slightly different light. Which action takes more energy–to hold someone back or to help someone up?

In life, we have two kinds of influences–people who will assist us in growth and those who hold us back. Just like a plant will stretch toward the light, we need positive growth opportunities to aid in our self development. Remember your mom telling you to be careful who you hang out with?  Well the same rule applies. We can’t obviously pick who works with us but we can choose our influencers. Surround your self with positive people. Listen to and read positive resources. Fill your mind with optimistic thoughts. There will always be negative people. Prepare yourself, so that when you come in contact with them, that you become an influencer, not the influenced. It’s easy to say, “The people I work with hold me back,” but our focus should be on helping them out. 

Here is an example: When I was growing up, I was always envious of people who had more than I did. I wanted what they had, so I was bitter, because I was not as successful. Then one day, I discovered I didn’t want them to have less. I wanted to be an influencer and help people find the way to have joy through helping others succeed. The funny thing about helping people is that you end up helping yourself in the process. A dog doesn’t wag it’s tail to make itself happy, but because it wants to make you happy. Success is like water; it will seep into ever crevasse and find the path of least resistance. Instead of focusing on how others act, focus on how you act. After all, it’s the only choice we have that truly works.